Resilience Consultants Ltd

'Providing Organisations with the Capacity to Recover Quickly from a Crisis'

Resilience Consultants Limited provide Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management Services.

We deliver Client Focused, Real World, Risk Mitigation Solutions that promote Business Resilience through Preparation, Training, Table Top Exercises and Readiness Exercises.

Our advice is based on Military, Academic and Commercial Experience that is delivered Accurately, Diligently and Within Deadlines to our clients.

Our clients include Academic Institutions, Corporate and Private Clients.

Crisis Management

Resilience Consultants are passionate about Crisis Management. Experience and research has demonstrated that many organisations seldom prepare for a crisis, and that the best time to prepare for a crisis is before the event. The Capacity to Recover Quickly from a crisis is dependent on knowledge of the sources of Crisis most likely to affect your organisation…..

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Resilience Consultants believe in harnessing the internal strengths of an organisation by utilising Personal Experience. We recognise that as individuals you have an enormous amount of knowledge that your organisation can utilise during the Crisis Management Process. We aim to Cap and Utilise that Knowledge Base…..

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Table Tops

Resilience Consultants believe that the secret to an effective Table Top exercise is a deep understanding of the context. We make it our business to understand the circumstances that create existing organisational dynamics, potential threats, assets, strengths and vulnerabilities. We achieve this knowledge through close liaison and by utilising organisational Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) throughout the consultancy process.

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Readiness Exercises

In the current climate governing and regulatory bodies increasingly require organisations to conduct annual, bi-annual or five year exercises to demonstrate an organisations ability to prepare for, recognise and respond to an emerging crisis. Resilience consultants work closely with the client to plan, write and execute readiness exercises. Throughout the exercise Resilience Consultants collate factual evidence for use in the post exercise debrief. The post exercise debriefing process always takes place whilst memories are fresh. This is extremely important to capture organisational weaknesses and promote a holistic approach to learning.

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Audits & Reviews

Resilience Consultants recognise the importance of clear and concise documentation to support an organisations crisis management planning. It is an unfortunate fact that many Crisis Management plans are too lengthy and too verbose and ultimately not fit for purpose. A document created by either an external consultant or an employee that fails to meet the statutory requirements laid down by the regulatory body or inspectorate will (more than likely) not be fit for purpose.

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